New You in 2020: Dr. N's January Newsletter

Happy New Year! You're Amazing!

As I write this first newsletter of the new decade—2020, I’m just a few days away from the New Year. Like most people, I like to look back over the year, many years with mixed feelings. Often, the first things that come to mind are the disappointments, regrets or life events beyond my control. This year, I’ve watched friends and family members transition to the next life and others experience extreme health challenges. I helplessly watched and prayed through the challenges my loved ones faced, knowing only God’s miraculous hand could change the course of things.

My word for the year was Release: release those beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors that no longer serve me. I started the year by purging books, clothing and other items that clutter my house. This led to some serious decluttering of limiting beliefs that sabotaged my physical, spiritual and emotional health. For example I was taught, early in my studies that I didn’t need nutritional supplements—I could get everything I needed from my food. This was an untruth that freed me to develop a supplement protocol that contributes to my vitality and vigor. Some of the other beliefs I shed were spiritual dogma, incorrect perceptions, childish attitudes and antiquated social values. I found myself free to view the present through fresh eyes as I walk in God’s divine purpose for me.

As I reviewed my 2019 calendar and my journal I realized I have many things to celebrate this year.

1) I took my first Cruise, an Alaskan cruise and realized that the extended time away on the water was very therapeutic for me.

2) I spent extended time with my older brother in Seattle, exploring the attractions, arts and nature. I was reminded of how precious our moments with family are and to not take them for granted.

3) I witnessed my sister’s 30th Wedding Anniversary in New York, with family and friends I rarely see. David and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary during this trip.

3) After having a health scare at the 25th YL Convention, I realized that my growing knowledge of essential oils has allowed me to enjoy a healthier life than I would have otherwise at my age. And although I had two previous health conditions resurface this year, I avoided major medical interventions by applying what I’ve learned about natural medicine working with the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

4) Learning about the mind/body/spirit connection to health has allowed me to discover emotional freedom that I never imagined possible. I learned to use the Essential oils and EFT to experience emotional freedom I never thought possible.

5) Finally, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my wellness journey with you. So many of you took the 3-month challenge last year, renewing it every 3 months. I enjoyed hearing your successes. I celebrated my best wellness checkup ever and I’ve managed to avoid surgery that I was told was inevitable. You may not be where you want, but you’ve probably made more progress than you realized. Just the fact that you are adding Essential Oils and Essential Oil products to your daily regimen is a plus. Take a moment and review with me some of the things we’ve learned together this year through our newsletter.

Remember the six of the ways we challenged ourselves to be healthier in 2019? Even if you started and are still completing these, you’ve made progress and you should celebrate. Which of the following did you include in your 2019 wellness goals?

1) The 15-Oil Spiritual Wellness Plan

2) The 3-Month Wellness Challenge

3) Live it Love it 28-day challenge

4) Little Lies that Sabotage your health

5) A Gentle Colon Cleanse

6) Six “Dos” for the Holiday

If you just joined our YL team this year, you also received a 14-day PSK challenge.

Perhaps you didn’t join a challenge but followed a wellness protocol that reduced the toxins in your environment, food and personal products. Again you should celebrate. It is no small accomplishment as you now grab your bottle of essential oil, take an essential oil infused supplement or diffuse essential oils to replace artificial fragrances and environmental toxins. You are helping yourself, your loved ones and the environment.

As we enter 2020, I’m excited to come alongside you as we continue our wellness journey. My goal is to age gracefully by living long and dying quickly, according to God’s design. How about you?

In this newsletter I share several important dates you’ll want to get on your calendar, information on the 2020 New You in 90 Challenge and our 30-Day NingXia Challenge. I’ve also included a better alternative to starting a weight-loss program in the winter, and my favorite recipes. Enjoy this newsletter as your ring in the new decade.

Caution: Before Starting a Winter Detox or Weight Loss program

Considering starting a weight loss or detox program at the beginning of this year, think again. Ever wonder why many struggle to keep resolutions to lose weight the first of the year? One theory is that the seasons affect the body and trying to lose weight goes against nature. Generally, winter foods are heavy, more fat-laden, designed to keep us warm. Starting a weight loss program or cleansing regime works against the body’s natural desire to keep you warm, even if that means to put on more weight. When the body gets less food during the cold months, it thinks it is going into starvation and tries to conserve energy, making it harder to shed excess pounds. (Remember what you learned in school about animals that hibernate?)

Normally, our bodies crave more heavy proteins in the winter. However, this can be taxing on the kidneys, so it’s important to support the kidneys and keep them clean. Otherwise, we risk non-digested proteins being deposited into body tissue instead of eliminated through the kidneys, which can lead to gout.

One simple way to help support the kidneys and cleanse gently is to eat little to limited processed foods, starches or sugars--a good way to starve overgrown yeast. Because animal protein, especially today’s western meats, can stress the digestive system, it’s important to use plant-based proteins as much as possible and support the kidneys and digestive system continually.

This is a good time to add Pure Protein Complete to your diet. I discovered this protein shake a couple of years ago and it has been vital for me maintaining consistent energy and blood sugar levels throughout the day. It contains five different proteins that the body processes at different rates to keep me feeling full. It’s gluten free and it has digestive enzymes and amino acids that support my immune system. I’m really thrilled that there’s no soy and it has the rBGH-free whey protein. Besides all the good stuff, it tastes great in my smoothie—I prefer the vanilla but there’s also chocolate.

This is also a good time to consistently to get your daily shot of NingXia Red. The name might be funny sounding, but this supplement is no joke. In China where living to be 100 is common, the NIngXia wolfberry has been used as a kidney tonic and detoxifier. It is rich in antioxidants that protect us against oxidative stress. This powerhouse juice puree blend supports the immune system, blood sugar balance, cardiovascular health, eye and liver health. One ounce of NingXia Red has the antioxidant power of: 4 pounds of carrots, 2 quarts of carrot juice; 4 oranges; 1 pint of orange juice; 2 pounds beets, 2 cups raspberries and 2 cups blueberries. It contains 18 types of amino acids, eight of which are essential amino acids, such as isoleucine and tryptophan. It is also the source of 21 trace minerals, including zinc, iron, copper, calcium, selenium and phosphor, and also Thiamine (b1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxin (B6), Vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium, iron and sodium.

Join the NingXia Red Challenge

Speaking of NingXia Red, we’re starting our NingXia Red Challenge this month. For 30 days drink 2-4 ounces of NingXia Red. Drink 64 ounces of water and record how you feel each day. To join the challenge, order your 30-day supply of NingXia Red, either on Essential Rewards (and rack up points for free products) or a One Time Order. Once you order your NingXia Red and notify me that you’re joining the challenge, I’ll send you a free gift with additional information to support your wellness journey.

Sip. Smile. NingXia.

Recipes of the Month:

Kidney Detoxifier

6 drops German chamomile

6 drops Juniper

3 drops of Fennel

Put 5 drops of this recipe in a vegetable gel cap and fill with V-6 oil complex. Take twice daily. Or, apply this recipe neat as a compress over the kidneys.

Other supplements that support the kidneys and a healthy digestive system include: K & B, MultiGreens, Sulfurzyme, Detoxzyme, Essentialzyme, ICP and JuvaPower.

Lemon Hummus

Enjoy this simple, delicious, health promoting hummus for overall wellness support.

Lemon Hummus You Tube

Cinnamon Einkorn Pancakes

This delicious variation on a favorite is at the following link.

Cinnamon Einkorn Pancakes

Cinnamon Einkorn Pancakes

Cinnamon Peppermint Energy Boost

Add 1 drop Cinnamon Vitality and 1 drop Peppermint Vitality to 2 ounces of NingXia, add 2 ounces of water and enjoy.

Becoming a Member

If you’re not a Young Living member, or you know someone that can’t wait to start enjoying the benefits of our wellness products, what are you waiting for? Head over to My YL NaturallyNozella Enrollment Link

Click on “Become a Member” and enter the number of the person who introduced you or the new member to YL and has been the most supportive on your wellness journey. Once you enter the Sponsor and Enroller, you’ll be asked personal information to set up an account. You can select from several Premium Starter Kits—the only time these products are almost 50% off. An added bonus is that you can sign up for Essential Rewards, our loyalty program when you join, and start next month getting 10% back for every monthly order.

If you’re not taking advantage of the Essential Rewards loyalty program, you’re missing out on savings, freebies and other specials. This program only requires a 50 Product Value (PV) each month, you earn cash back that increases the longer you’re on the program, you can change your order every month, you can change the date every month and you get reduced shipping. Also, there’s no annual fee and no penalty if you stop. It just doesn’t get any better for you to always have the products you need as you move toward a toxin-free lifestyle.

Until next time,

Empowering you to live healthfully and abundantly,

Dr. Nozella

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