14 Wellness Tips: Dr. N's April 2020 Newsletter


How are you? I mean, how arel you really doing? So much has changed in just the last month, I wonder if I’m dreaming and will wake suddenly from this nightmare. I’ve been sheltering at home for three weeks and I expect this to continue for several more weeks. While there is a lot of uncertainty, and even more sadness and grief, I do see this as opportunity for me to slow down, evaluate and take special care of myself.

In December I found myself physically and emotionally depleted. I needed to beef up my nutrition, my exercise, my sleep and my stress management. I wasn’t sure how I would manage with everything coming at me. Then, suddenly COVID-19 hits the country. In all this, I believe God is still looking after me and allowing me to reset and gain my balance during this forced stay-at-home time. I’m renewing 14 of my tried and true self-care habits to reach and maintain my wellness goals. Here they are:

1) Maintain a grateful heart: Twice a day, morning and evening I jot down 10 things or people I am grateful for.

2) Stay hydrated: I start the day with a minimum of 16 ounces of water before I eat or drink anything else. Throughout the day, I drink half my body weight in ounces of water. (Now that I’m home, I don’t worry about how often I visit the bathroom.)

3) Rinse sinuses: At least once a day, especially during this season, I use my Neti pot to rinse my sinuses. Here’s YouTube from Mayo Clinic explaining this practice, its benefits and how to start.

Sinus Rinsing

4) Practice mindfulness: The benefits of mindfulness are well researched. I start my morning with a 10-minute mindfulness practice, in addition to my morning devotions.

5) Diffuse essential oils: Throughout the day, in every room, I run a diffuser at least 30 minutes. I vary the essential oils I use. Diffusing essential oils has psychological and physiological benefits.

6) Take my supplements: Experts agree that it’s nearly impossible for those of us in today’s modern world to get the nutrients we need from our food. I start with the Master Formula because its proprietary formula is comprehensive and easily assimilated by my body. But I also take Sulfurzyme, BLM and Agilease for my joint health. During this season when immune and respiratory support are so important, I take Inner Defense daily, more if needed.

6) Optimize my nutrition: Since I can’t grocery shop much and I rely on Walmart Pick Up or Insta Cart, I can’t always get the quality of food I want. I am faithful, however, to take at least 2 ounces of NingXia Red because of its high antioxidants and nutritional value.

7) Exercise: Over the years, I’ve accumulated many exercise programs, plus I have a rebounder and Gazelle. I treat myself to at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. My favorite is the Body Gospel by Donna Richardson.

8) Breathe deeply: While mindfulness stresses the importance of the breath, I strive to practice deep breathing more often throughout the day. Periodically, I will take a favorite essential oil, place a few drops on the palm of one hand, rub my hands together and make a scent tent over my nose. I practice several, often 10 deep breaths. Breathing oxygenates the body; and, I understand those invisible critters that make us sick don’t like oxygen.

9) Anoint myself with an essential oil. The essential oils have wonderful properties that our bodies love. For example when I place Valor on my shoulders I feel calm and grounded. I enjoy doing this with Frankincense, as well.

10) Soak in an essential oil-infused Epsom salt bath: This is so relaxing and there are several studies supporting the health benefits of magnesium sulfate. I don’t get to do this everyday, but when I do it, I feel wonderful.

11) Think positive thoughts: It’s hard to ignore the news, but I limit how much I watch daily. ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) are known to weaken the immune system and sabotage wellness.

12) Smile and Laugh: A simple smile improves the mood and laughing releases happy hormones, something we can all use at this time.

13) Support the gut: A properly functioning digestive system is vital for optimal health. In addition to eating the best foods I can, I take a probiotic (Life 9), a prebiotic (MightyPro) and an enzyme (Essentialyme, Essentialyme-4, Detoxyme or Allerzyme.)

14) Sleep Well: The body needs 7-9 good hours of sleep to clean and reset for the next day. The essential oils have been amazing in helping to improve my sleep. I diffuse them and rub them on my feet at night. I especially enjoy Cedarwood, Lavender and Peace & Calming.

These are practices I have learned over the years. I encourage you to start with one or two and practice it for a week. Note how you feel and continue to add a practice until you begin to see improvements in your health. You’ll move closer to a healthier lifestyle.


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Salt mixture for my Neti Pot

  • 8 Tablespoons of Fine sea salt
  • 10 drops Rosemary
  • 6 Drops Tea Tree

I use 1/8 teaspoon mixed in the water in my Neti pot.


After I do a nasal rinse, I apply with my little finger a drop of Naysa inside each nostril.

  • 6 drops Eucalyptus Radiata
  • 5 Drops Tea Tree
  • 1 drop Peppermint

Top with Sesame Seed oil in a 1 ml dropper bottle

Let me breathe

(My immune and respiratory system loves this.)

  • 3 drops Lemon
  • 3 drops Peppermint
  • 3 Eucalyptus Radiata

Add to a Dew Drop, Rainstone, Desert Mist or Sweet Aroma diffuser. You may double the amount of Essential oils for the Aria.

Empowering you to live healthfully and abundantly,

Dr. Nozella



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